Call for Papers

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Call for papers : Joint Doctoral Conference 2013

Concordia University, Université de Montréal, Université du Québec à Montréal

Friday April 5th – Saturday April 6th 2013

Montréal, Québec, Canada

The Joint Doctorate in Communication at Concordia University, University of Montréal and University of Québec in Montréal is delighted to invite you for its biannual conference Challenges and Futures in Communication. The conference will be held in Montreal on Friday and Saturday, the 5th and 6th April, 2013.

Organized jointly by the three Universities of the Joint Doctorate program in Communication, the conference aims to foster encounters and discussions amongst graduate students in Communication as well as to create a place to disseminate the most recent research in the domain.

For this event, we invite propositions that incorporate theoretical endeavours and/or research-creation disseminated as multimedia, installations, performances or design works in link with your research interests as graduate students or recently graduated from a communication program.

Challenges and futures of communication? 

Even though the Joint Phd program has more than 25 years of existence, the great questions surrounding communication studies, which were at the origin of the first communication departments and faculties, continue to foster debates amongst professors and students alike. The questions on the meaning of communication and of communications still continue to filter in our works, sometimes even without our knowledge.

The concept of communication(s) itself is in constant mutation, reflecting the evolution of media technologies, and more broadly communication practices, which are continually in the process of redefinition and diversification. The questions on the nature and challenges of communication always have to be contemporary. Thus, the conference “Challenges and Futures of Communication” has as its objective to interrogate the meanings, the practices (new and old alike), and challenges posed by communication.

Reflecting upon contemporary challenges in communication is also questioning its future: what could be the faces of communication studies and practices in tomorrow’s world? What will be the main questions of communication studies?

This conference will be an opportunity to explore current challenges and the future of communication studies: What challenges await researchers of today and tomorrow? What new objets/practices/theories will be incorporated in today’s communication studies?

Communication research is so fertile because it is built as a field of study and discipline with its objectives in constant movement. Its approaches and methodologies are constantly in redefinition and diversification, with its discourses sometimes even going back in time. The conference “Challenges and Futures of Communication” seeks to highlight the continuities and ruptures of these theoretical endeavours, and to differentiate the decidedly new over the appearance of novelty. It provides also a place to question the idea of a single discipline in a context marked by highly multidisciplinary inter/media research and works. These kinds of inquiries in communication studies remind us that each of us both sheds light, but also lays a bricks for the continual building of the foundation of communication as a discipline.

We invite future participants of this conference, which are themselves the future of communication studies, to submit a proposal for installation or communication in connection with (but not limited to) the following topics:

+ Current communicative practices

+ Contemporary communication problematics
+ New approaches / methods of communication research / research-creation
+ Challenges for new communication practices and / or new media
+ New fields of research in communication

+ Communication theories in the face of new objects and practices

+ Continuity or discontinuity of research in communication studies

+ Futures of communication studies

The conference “Challenges and Futures of Communication” invite all graduate students or recent graduates in communication to come and participate in this important event for the exchange and dissemination of current research in communication. This event is an excellent way to showcase your work, share your research interests, meet other students and learn about the research that takes place within the bilingual Joint PhD program in communication.

Proposals for papers must be written in French or English and should not exceed 250 words. Please include a short biography (150 words max.). Proposals should be sent by email to the following address before February 10, 2013:

Be sure to log in to the conference website at to get the latest information on the upcoming event.


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